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Celtic Soul Jewellery Collection

An exclusive collaboration of jewellery pieces inspired by award winning line dance choreographer Gary O’Reilly.

We are excited to offer pieces that celebrate Ireland and our mutual love of dance! Enjoy this collection for a limited time.

A message from Joyce:

“The jewellery that I design comes from a diverse background in many other artforms, among them fiber art, costume design, puppetry and sculpture. In all of them I am attracted to color, movement and whimsy. I believe that because my background has been so diverse, I am able to infuse my work with something different. I love collaborative art the most, blending two or more artists ideas together is absolute magic, which is why this new line of jewellery, Celtic Soul is so special. It is created by an exclusive collaboration between a choreographer and a designer, both who share their love of dance. Gary and I are happy to share this collection of handmade pieces that are inspired by our mutual love of Ireland and Celtic design but created with a modern artful perspective”.


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